Gennady Goloshubin

Dear Colleagues,

Yesterday evening we received the very sad news that our dearest friend and colleague Gennady Goloshubin passed away. He was on holiday in the mountains near Denver, where he could always be found at this time of year. He would have been 70 in May.

We have known Gennady for 40 years. He was with PetroTrace from its inception. We all knew him as an outstanding scientist-geophysicist, who made an enormous contribution to the company and geophysics in general.

Last year he continued his creative work at Petrotrace as well as Houston University, Tyumen Industrial University and in the University of Stavanger, where he headed the Low Frequency Consortium. We hope to continue Gennady’s research, which he has inspired and mentored over the last year.

It is hard to believe that we will not see his charming smile again, will not laugh at his jokes and will not be given such valuable advice and instructions. Gennady was often called The Siberian from Texas and that’s how he will always be remembered by us!

With deep sorrow,
The PetroTrace team

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