PetroTrace Video

Our teams produced a range of videos which promoted our key services and demonstrate our commitment to best-in-class time processing, depth imaging, structural interpretation, reservoir characterisation, analysis and geo-consulting work.

If you would like to check our YouTube video channel, then please follow this link.

A volume of acoustic impedance calculated with simultaneous inversion. Warm colours indicate the most probable gas saturated sand distribution areas.

Abnormal pore pressure distribution predicted through integration of information from well data and high-resolution interval velocity arrays obtained at the stage of seismic processing.

Delta system delineated by multi-attribute RGB blending and formation sculpting along a target horizon.

A detailed image of the subsurface produced by the amplitude preserving signal processing and anisotropic pre-stack depth migration. Volume rendering enables rapid analysis of complex geology.

The distribution of gas chimneys (cold colors) and bright spots (warm colors) detected by attribute analysis and volume-based interpretation of the amplitude friendly processing results.