PetroTrace and Bashneft published a joint article “Enhancing confidence in fracture prediction through advanced seismic data processing and analysis techniques” in the February issue of the First Break journal.

Article Details:
Enhancing confidence in fracture prediction through advanced seismic data processing and analysis techniques. Normal access

Authors: Leonid Koltanovsky, Alexander Korolev, Elena Rossiyskaya and Konstantin Smirnov
Journal name: First Break
Issue: Vol 35, No 2, February 2017 pp. 49 – 53

Information on the areas of high fracture can play a key role in the successful development of the majority of carbonate and many other reservoir types. Seismic data are one of the sources of such information and with modern acquisition methods optimally designed to obtain the field data of the highest quality, the possibilities now exist, using the most advanced processing technology, to extract maximum information and knowledge related directly to fracture characterization. We present a technology and analysis to detect fracture and other small-scale geo-features using the products of azimuthal angle depth migration. The migration results give specialists optimal data for obtaining azimuthal anisotropy, separated scattered (diffraction) energy fields as well as standard seismic attributes without the need for azimuthal sectoring. The authors also propose to separate the scattered energy component of the seismic field based on the difference in the kinematic properties of the reflected and diffracted waves rather than the dynamic differences. Following this method of effective separation of reflected and diffracted waves it is suggested to further separate and rank the scattered energy components for identification and localisation of small-scaled diffractions. Finally, an efficient and intuitive technique of integration and analysis of all results obtained by different independent methods is presented.