PetroTrace’s powerful computing resources and data storage systems has elevated the company into the top 20 rating of the website ‘Top 50 Supercomputers’.

Due to the constant increase of data volume and the complexity of the technological methods of our processing, PetroTrace annually increases the computing power of its processing centres. In particular, the most powerful of them today, is a cluster located in our Moscow office. According to the independent rating of the most powerful supercomputers TOP 50 of CIS countries, the processing center “PetroTrace” took 19th place going into the top 20 with the following parameters: the number of processor cores – 4300, peak performance – 191.69 Tflops . It is the most powerful computer center for processing seismic data in Russia.

In addition to powerful computing resources, the Moscow center is also equipped with a high-performance data storage system, with a total volume of more than 5 PB (5000 TB), which allows us to process data simultaneously on dozens projects. Moreover, PetroTrace’s Moscow office is equipped with licensed software from the world’s leading manufacturers and processes more than 30,000 km2 of marine and terrestrial seismic data per year at the most advanced level.

The company is constantly upgrading the processing centers and increasing their overall productivity, using the latest achievements in the LDCs industry, which reduces the time for project implementation and improves the quality of performed works.