PetroTrace wins the Gazprom Geologorazvedka tender; currently the largest project in Russia*

PetroTrace were asked to carry out the processing and interpretation of the entire volume of seismic data on Handinskiy, Kovyktinskiy and Chicanskiy license areas in autumn 2018.

The project provided the widest range of services, including:

– specialised processing of wide-azimuth 3D seismic data obtained in complex seismogeological environments;

– performing full-azimuth anisotropic depth migration to obtain specular and scattered components of the wave field;

– assessment of the main characteristics and refinement of the geological structure of the productive intervals, the prediction of lithology, reservoir properties and saturation;

– creation of alternative geological and geomechanical models of Kovykta gas condensate field.

The project is unique both in terms of the complexity of geology but also in terms of scale: the total amount of the initial seismic data covers an area of 12288 km2 and is 120 Terabytes. In the opinion of PetroTrace’s experts*, it is the largest project in Russia today.

PetroTrace is due to complete processing and interpretation of all amount of seismic data towards the end of 2020.